Burial / Trentemoller

Trentemoller’s latest album
was ill-timed. It came out in the spring and it disappeared in glum as
people were ready to party and enjoy the sun. I myself only listened
to it once and was disappointed as well – I didn’t like the vocals. RA
did not even review the album when it came out (which in itself is
very interesting – either they are working on some monumental 6-month
review or decided that this is not electronic music and should not
bother reviewing it at all). Last night, I decided to give it another
try and was pleasantly surprised. Here is the trick – make a playlist
of tracks 1,4,6,7,8,10 dim down lights, turn off computer, turn up the
volume and listen – it sounds a lot better than it did in the spring.

Another note – I got re-fascinated with the mysterious Burial. The guy
is so secretive and private. His identity was somewhat forcefully
exposed ruining the complete mystery but he still is as recluse as it
gets in a music world where everyone is fighting for fame.
Communication from him amounts to couple of one-line posts on his
myspace page. At one point he said “Only 5 people know that I make
music”. He truly lets his music speak for him – both his albums are
true classics. I read that Massive Attack would like him re-do their
latest album in a mad professor fashion (see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Protection_(Massive_Attack_album) but
I suspect Burial has better things in mind.


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