The photography of Now


My friend Tisho from Atlantic City recommended a book – The Power of
Now by Eckhart Tolle (Side note – Tisho is a great example of
transformation and human drive for meaning.. and a little crazy. Many
thanks for the recommendation)
The book is inspiring and straightforward. The material is not new –
some call it a re-hashed Buddhism with the underlying connotation that
this is somehow bad or unoriginal. When it comes to spiritual
literature, originality is secondary, the clarity and power of
conveying the message is all that matters.We need more re-hashed
Buddhism. I have read similar books and the concepts are not new but
somehow it has a poignancy and optimism and urgency that is
There is, however, something that bothers me. If it is so important to
live in the Now and abandon past and and future, how does that relate
to photography. To me, it sounds like photography should be abandoned
too. After all, all it is a capturing of a moment that is gone by the
time you release the shutter; or capturing a feeling; or at best
making a comment about something. Is there a link to Now ? Or is it a
vain and futile attempt to preserve the Now instead of living it, a
mere substitute ?


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