(inner) voice

The book I’m reading is making me pay more attention to my inner voice
and I noticed that slowly but surely all my surface thoughts have
switched over to English. Its especially obvious when I try to express
some sort of view or feeling. It’s so much easier! At a deeper level
somehow i FEEL that I still have the main stage in Bulgarian but all
my day to day thoughts are in English. “I wonder what’s wrong with the
wireless, I bet the landlord needs a new wireless router” I don’t even
know what wireless router is in Bulgarian.

So if my thought are all mostly in English now, doesn’t this simplify
my thinking? English is not my first language and clearly I’m just
using simple conversational version of it. Is my thinking limited to a
couple hundred words, 70% of them being “stuff”, “all set” and simple
nouns ? That surely is not the full potential of the human mind ? I’m
sure there is a ton of books on the topic but my point is this – my
inner voice is annoying, i cant really stop it, and its making my mind
dumb because its using this MTV version of English.

I suppose the silver lining is the fact that its a tangible proof of
the plasticity of the mind. If you can reset your thinking from one
language to another, then you should be able to take control of when
your inner voice is talking or not or whether its thinking in a
positive way. The problem is, seems like for any such thing to happen
you need about 10 yrs of practice. The 10,000 hours threshold is
usually cited and seems to me a fair average. 3 hrs a day is about 10
yrs. 8 hrs a day is about 4 years – usually the time it takes to
master a new skill (sport, school, job etc)
Better get started.

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