Albums of 2010

Since this is a blog – lets add another opinionated list out there.
My hard drive recently had a heart attack and died taking away with it
100 Gb of music, a lot of it from 2010. I was surprisingly ok with
that (maybe after all Im getting a start on that attachment thing)
however, I started trying to remember what was the best music of the
year so far:
Here is a list in progress, in the random order I remember it

1. Apparat – DJ Kicks
This is new, from Oct, but its one of the few albums that I have
played back to back 2-3 times in a row and I would still listen to 80%
of the tracks..One of my favorite mixes of the year.

2. Psychonauts – Music for Creatures
RA says that this came out in 2003 and I can see why they say that it
“turned up far too early” Some tracks remind me of The Doors, others
of PInk Floyd. I’m not saying they sound like it – they just remind me
somehow. It is hard to put a style label to it, but at the end it’s
somewhere in Electronic territory.

3. Vareika – Formation
The album is good, but there are a couple of tracks that I dont like
so much. I deleted those and replaced them with a couple of singles
and it made a killer album (however thats now lost and I dont remember
how it goes). Analog band using electronic instruments and production
with a great Re-make of “Riders of the storm” This is challenging but
they pull it off. Nice.

4. YouAndMe – Ornament Symphony
No classic minimal techno mix has been as good as the Joris Voorn
Balance 014 double cd. The JV mix is entirely made in software and it’s
flawless. OS is almost as good and it’s made the old school
way with turntables and sampler. I played that a lot.

5. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – Breaking the Fourth Wall
This album is similar to the Psychonauts. If you know someone that
likes electronic music – perfect idea for a gift. It probably slipped
under a lot of radars.

6. Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
This is more challenging to listen to, which usually means that its
more satisfying too, once you commit to it. For reference – this is on
the warp label which also has aphex twin, plaid, boards of canada,
prefuse 73, brian eno etc.

7. Hernan Cattaneo – Renaissance: The Masters Series Part 16 – Parallel
I’m not going to say that this is “one of the best” of the year
because in the end it is a progressive mix and those wear off
eventually. On the other hand they do because they sound so good the
first time you listen to them. I listened to it first on a run on the
beach this summer. I had 3 weeks off and was pretty much camping and
running on the beach 6 out 7 days a week – couldn’t be better.

8. Michael Mayer – Immer 3
A new Michael Mayer mix – obviously gets on the list.

9. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Last time I listened to a new hip hop albums was…probably the
Outkast speakerboxx album which I was disappointed with. Regardless, I
AM still an Outkast fan so I had to check it out. I have to say the
best tracks that feature Andre 3000 are not on the CD for some stupid
corporate rights reason but once you find those and add them to the
album – then it is somewhere in the orbit of Stankonia (nice title of
that one:) If there is another Outkast album in the works then I am
definitely getting it. I just love how they school everyone. Andre is

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