Movies 2010

I admit I tend to watch the cheesy and cheap entertaining movies over the heavy indie stuff but here is what I think was worth $11 in 2010

Black Dynamite – one of the most fun movies of 2010. I just like B-movies. “I AM smiling” 
Machete – another B-classic from Robert Rodrigues. “Machete dont text” 
Inception – this should be the standard for a Hollywood movie.
Splice – disturbing, innovative, sci-fi ! Come to think maybe the only good sci-fi movie this year.
Girl with Dragon Tattoo – I thought this was very aggressive and violent in a different way than you usually see in the US. best of the 3.
Shutter Island – Genre movie by Scorsese, well done. 
The A-team – not an Oscar contender but fun, fast pace and generally above expectation of a movie called The A-team. 

Movies on my list to watch
Get Low
Inside Job
A Prophet
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Animal Kingdom
The Ghost Writer

Upcoming in Dec
True Grit

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