Nikon V1 (part one)


1. I’m keeping it
2. It’s heavy – feels solid – a block of metal. I like that. 
3. Viewfinder! Like the X100 – clear, fast, eye activated. 
4. Battery from D700. Probably 1000 shots
5. Menu – Easy, Simple, Quick. Stays where you left it
6. Remote. $20. Infrared – 16ft range. Front AND back. 
7. Shutter. Mechanical (crisp) Electronic (silent)
8. Auto ISO (i.e. 100-800) 
9. My DP grip fits : ) 
10. AUTOFOCUS. amazing. Its like a D3s 
11. Always shoots
12. No flash! Thank god. I hate flimsy flashes that pop out and do nothing
13. 5 year warranty
14. $299

Image quality is undecided yet. Looks like there is noise due to small sensor but its a good, grainy noise. I think it would work well with filters like this.
Im not crazy about the lenses. They are fine but a camera like this should have lenses like Fuji or Zeiss. Or a very tiny 40mm pancake. They’re just a class below the camera (at least looks-wise) 
Overall Im excited. Free from the Sigma prison at last.

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